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The City of Dallas owns and operates Dallas Love Field, one of the finest general-purpose airports in the world. The airfield is located seven miles northwest of the downtown central business district and is managed by the City's Department of Aviation.

Dallas Love Field provides the best that can be offered in a convenient, efficient airport, serving both commercial airline and corporate user needs. Located in the heart of Dallas, Herb Kelleher Way (formerly Cedar Springs Road) at Mockingbird, the airfield is 20 minutes from the Downtown Convention Center, West End, Infomart, and the Dallas Market Center.

Love Field is self-supported through reasonable user fees and charges, with no cost to the taxpayer. Activities at Love Field generate funds that contribute to the local tax base. The airport serves another important function in the community as an essential employer and service provider to the businesses and citizens of Dallas.

Love Field is fully equipped with all of the necessary aeronautical lighting, airport marking and air navigation radio aids to ensure its accessibility to aircraft even under highly adverse weather conditions. Its long parallel runways are enhanced with state of the art visual approach lighting aids and four instrument landing systems. Love Field also has a crosswind runway. Other features include surveillance radar services, a windshear warning system and an FAA air traffic control tower that provides services 24 hours a day.

Seven full service fixed base operators (FBOs) at Love Field provide general aviation users with a wide variety of services including fuel, maintenance, hangar rentals, and charters. FBOs at Love Field are well equipped to handle executive needs providing first class amenities such as meeting rooms, car rentals, limousine service and restaurants. Love Field is served by Southwest Airlines, Virgin America Airlines, Delta Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.

Love Field serves as the front door to Dallas for seven million passengers a year providing a vital link in the economy of the City of Dallas, the region and the nation.

Mission Statement

It is our mission to provide a safe, efficient and user-friendly airport system by being responsive to customer and community concerns while continuously improving services to both commercial and general aviation operators.

We accomplish our mission through the concerted efforts of the following divisions:

The Environmental Affairs Division continually addresses environmental issues associated with operating the airport system by ensuring: 1) compliance with federal, state, and local laws and regulations; 2) that appropriate control measures are taken to minimize and/or mitigate any adverse impact on the environment; and 3) a commitment to address the environmental issues while protecting the integrity of the surrounding communities.

The Finance and Administration Division is responsible for the finance, budget and human resource functions of the Aviation Department. This includes developing and administering the departmental budgets, ensuring prompt payments to service providers and suppliers, collecting revenues, and providing a skilled workforce.

The Airport Operations Division includes four sub-divisions, each with specific functions or areas of responsibility: Operations Division, Field Maintenance Division, Building Maintenance Division, and the Custodial Division. Together, these divisions oversee the daily activities at the airport to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements and perform all of the functions necessary to maintain a clean, safe, secure, and efficient environment for the traveling public, aircraft operators, airport tenants and Department of Aviation employees.

The Property Management Division enhances the department's real estate assets by seeking new commercial development and redevelopment of aviation use properties; work with existing and potential aviation tenants to meet customer/user demands in real estate related transactions; ensure quality customer care and highest and best use of Aviation Department controlled facilities; ensure compliance with lease obligations and identify potential departmental needs relative to all real estate related issues.