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In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration mandated that all air carrier airports conduct Wildlife Hazard Assessments. As a result of this assessment Dallas Love Field adopted a Wildlife Hazard Management Plan which was approved by the Federal Aviation Administration in 2014.

The goal of the Wildlife Hazard Management Plan was to minimize the risk to aviation safety, airport structures and equipment, or human health posed by populations of hazardous wildlife on and around Dallas Love Field. To accomplish this it set out to identify hazardous wildlife and their attractants, and then conduct suitable proactive and reactive management techniques to reduce the risk.

Bachman Lake

Adjacent to Dallas Love Field is Bachman Lake Reservoir and Park, the lake has 132 surface acres with 3.5 miles of shoreline. The park has 205 acres of land. This serves as habitat for geese, ducks, cormorants, egrets, herons and other wildlife.

This is of a great concern to aviation safety as these birds are all considered to be large. Modern commercial jets are designed to withstand a single 4-lb bird and turbines can operate after ingesting a 1.5-lb bird. However, even small birds such as doves and pigeons can be a hazard as they tend to fly in tight flocks which can cause an aircraft to ingest several birds.

When looking at reported wildlife strikes between 1990 and 2011, the Bachman Lake side of the airport accounted for 69% of strikes.

In the last few years reported bird strikes have been on the rise around Dallas Love Field and nationally.

Previous Outreach

In 2014, Dallas Love Field along with Dallas Park and Recreation Department installed 9 signs around Bachman Lake Park at parking lot entrances requesting that requested that patrons not feed the birds. From observations by both departments staff individuals have continued feeding birds creating a hazard to aircraft flying over the park.

In 2018, Dallas Love Field approached the Park and Recreation board requesting a rule change that would ban feeding birds in the park. The board informed the airport that they wished to see more education and outreach to the public as many were unaware that these signs even existed.

Dallas Loves Safer Skies!

We are happy to introduce to the public the Dallas Loves Safer Skies initiative aimed at educating the community on the risks associated with feeding the birds, and helping improve the outreach that the airport has to the public.

As part of this campaign Dallas Love Field will be working with Park and Recreation to update and increase the number of signs at Bachman Lake Park.

The larger sign would replace the outdated green signs at the parking lots, and be added to trailheads entering the park. Smaller symbol signs would be placed closer to the water to remind patrons to please not feed the birds. A new sign explaining why feeding birds is harmful not only to aviation by to the wildlife and lake itself will be places at the Rec Center and Airport Terminal so that visitors can learn about the ecological impact that feeding has.

Fliers and Brochures

We ask that you please share information about the Dallas Loves Safer Skies campaign with your friends and neighbors. Together we can help make Bachman Lake a safer and cleaner environment for all to enjoy.

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